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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Mona and Me

It is my sister turn  and let me emphasis younger sister.chance to annoy me . She tells how I don't help her and my life has been better than hers. We both come from the same abusive household. We suffer starvation, utilities turn off for long periods of time, verbal abuse direct to our physical appearance, and the idea our whole existence is to care for our mother who mental illness has never been treated. Yes, maybe I should start telling my version of the past add my own fiction, a little truth, comedy unlike the rest of the relatives I have some areas of laughter  from the past.

The story is entitled Mona and Me. Mona and Me would also explore what could have happen with some events that happen all those years ago. I have been hesitating to write it because I don't want the story to seems like revenge. I want to show I continue to conquer the pain and abuse from childhood and into parts of my adulthood.

I will work on create more names for the story.

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