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Friday, October 7, 2016

Our Fashion Frelisa Fabulous

Frelisa Fabulous designs come from my daughter and I play time together. We usually start off with separate blank paper to paint. Then there are the paintings we work on together. The time is pass with giggles and telling stories of our adventures  when we are separated.
Celeste designs comes from her thoughts of dragons and crocodiles. I believe our creativity is at our best without structure. She's a kid with a sincere and clear visions when she draws or paint. She chooses colors  when they are pretty to her. Blue and green has taken over her recent design in our clothing line. What makes these design unique and bring joy to my eyes is I do see the movement of the amphibians and dragons. Her Faceless design is where she mix all the colors to form a face without eyes.
My Eyes' painting for Constance Rivera expresses her as an antagonist and protagonist who seeks revenge against  her mother-in-law. The colors express her thoughts and beliefs on the inside. The Black Eye reveals her belief in black and white. Lines don't curve smooth since she doesn't have an easily journey in One Death at a Time.


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