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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Sunlight Reflections

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Sunlight Reflections
Sunlight Reflections is my art design that comes from daydreaming about enjoying the sun on the beach. I want to express how I appreciate the sun and water. They are so important to the world.

Sunlight Reflections

Sunlight Reflections Men's Pocket Square

Sunlight Reflections Sleeves Top

Sunlight Reflections Modern Tee 


Monday, October 24, 2016

The Sheep

Celeste's Sheep Art Project

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I took Celeste's sheep art project and Photoshop it. Then I added it to a pillow on Vida. The design came out adorable. She wanted to go with the pink and red Sheep.


Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Help Us Reach Our Goal - 50

Frelisa Fabulous

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We need your help to achieve Gold Slate Status. By reaching Gold, we'll have our design on Vida Homepage. The requirement is to sell 50 pieces from Frelisa Fabulous collection. Please visit http://shopvida.com/collections/frelisa-walker and Buy Now.

Thanks for helping us  reaching our goal.

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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Invite Cammy and Dasha Into Your Home

 Vida New Home Line featuring Accent Pillows

Celeste and I are excited that Vida has added a home line. The company is growing and including such wonderful lines for our art. We came up with so many great ideas. I use a name book to identify each one. By using our Ocean artwork we created Cammy. The 20x20 pillow image shows movement of waves to the shore. The Dasha 12x20 views the center part of the ocean.




Friday, October 7, 2016

Our Fashion Frelisa Fabulous

Frelisa Fabulous designs come from my daughter and I play time together. We usually start off with separate blank paper to paint. Then there are the paintings we work on together. The time is pass with giggles and telling stories of our adventures  when we are separated.
Celeste designs comes from her thoughts of dragons and crocodiles. I believe our creativity is at our best without structure. She's a kid with a sincere and clear visions when she draws or paint. She chooses colors  when they are pretty to her. Blue and green has taken over her recent design in our clothing line. What makes these design unique and bring joy to my eyes is I do see the movement of the amphibians and dragons. Her Faceless design is where she mix all the colors to form a face without eyes.
My Eyes' painting for Constance Rivera expresses her as an antagonist and protagonist who seeks revenge against  her mother-in-law. The colors express her thoughts and beliefs on the inside. The Black Eye reveals her belief in black and white. Lines don't curve smooth since she doesn't have an easily journey in One Death at a Time.


Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Book Review North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell

North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell

North and South reveals themes about class distinct, control and independence. Gaskell writes about people from different backgrounds that intensifies the drama in this terrific written book.The main characters who stick out in my mind are Mrs. Thornton and Miss Hale. These two characters give the reader a realistic image of the attitudes and beliefs during the time the novel takes place.

Gaskell has skills as a writer, this is especially shown in the Chapter False and Truth where she moves from the mind of Margaret  and Mr. Watson not missing a beat in her writing pace even during Mr. Watson's questioning.  The author weaves vivid scenes of the setting. Helstone becomes a fairy tale come true when Mr. Thornton visits the place. Milton's description is described in detail proving it is a tough and rough city to survive. The class distinct woes are not preachy however it express through the actions of the workers.  Control is a big issue in the book. The most disturbing to me is how the characters  Boucher and Margaret struggle with  the way  people perceive them and the way they must conform to society expectations. For these reasons, I recommend North and South.  
The negative part of the book is the difficulty reading through the dialogue of the book when the workers converse. This slow me down since I'm not familiar with it.

Having My Say

Margaret  puts up with a whole lot of mess and it has gotten to a point of ridiculous nonsense. The fact she follows her father to a place that unsuited from their former kind of living. Her mother or her couldn't question his reasons and somehow find a better place than Milton. Her mother Mrs. Hale slips in pity insult such as people love your brother and everybody love to get along with him unlike you. She never speaks much good about her daughter. The final draw for me has been that it is seen improper for  Margaret to visit her dying godfather Mr. Bell. What is the guy going to do in his dying state? So she waits until Captain Lennox pack a bag and go with her. Mr. Bell is dead when she arrives. Gaskell's reveals the absurdity in her Aunt's beliefs. This book is filled with annoying characters I couldn't stop reading it. One of the best is the maid who believes she is the best of Mrs. Hale's children.  Final thought, the mother, father, and maid should have kicked the bucket and be bury all together. Maybe then Margaret could have some peace.


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