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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Oh No Gotta Go ! by Susan Middleton Elya

Oh No Gotta Go ! by Susan Middleton Elya
I always find stories about kids learning how to use the bathroom hilarious. Their facial expressions, jumping up an down and anything else they use as signals they have to go are silly.  This one has Spanish words with the English language. The story reveals how adults are understanding during this period in their children's lives. The mother and father are cute and polite in the front of the car when the daughter tells she has to use the bathroom.

The illustrations and the lettering are a lovely vintage style. I believe the Spanish words are beginner words.The drawbacks I have is the Spanish words should have  the pronunciation and meaning of the word underneath them. Then I wouldn't have to stop reading and flip to the back for the glossary. On the second read I try to memorize the words from the glossary. I finally found it easier to determine from the picture what the words are. This is a problem for me since I am not familiar with Spanish. Yet, the language has beautiful words I enjoy learning. I should have studied Spanish and French in school. I recommend the book for a nice read.

Age 3-7 years
Scale 4 (5 Excellent to 1 Poor)


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