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Friday, August 12, 2016

Book Reviews Engaging and Silly end of the Week Books

The Bees (Down in the Garden Book 1) 

By DC Swain with Anna Bonita

I recommended this book since it gives a quick look at the average work day for bees. It reminds me how we work as human beings everyday. Parents and Caregivers can do comparisons while reading the book. The illustrations are upbeat and gives off a lay back atmosphere even though the hive comes into danger and the bees are active at  keeping it running.

Ages  0-5
3 (Fair) out 5 on My Scale  1(Poor) to 5(Excellent)

Froggy Dearest (Kiss me, my love!) 

 By Scott Gordon

I recommend this book to everyone because you should  receive a gift of laughter and surprise from this tale of a frog seeking true love. Absolutely silly.

Ages 3-6
My scale doesn't rate silliness or laughter.

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