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Monday, March 14, 2016

Author's Thought

2016 marks the 25th anniversary of the movie New Jack City.The movie storyline follows the rise and fall of a gang of drug dealers. The movie brings on sadness and depression reminding me of the deaths of the young people around me when I turn a preteen. I have never seen nothing like that grip Detroit except for the rise in unemployment. I remember the guns and the uneasiness. I have come to believe the cops may have been out gun and lacked the manpower to protect the city. The belief hasn't come by the constant news report from the three major stations in Detroit at the time. No, the guns and weapons collect during the weapons sweeps or over hearing classmates talking about a neighbor or family member shot to death. Killings and violence exist like common everyday activities. I have looked back on those years with anger, wanting those years back to live again without rampant violence and unemployment. I understand I can not change the past or how I stay to myself. I should have been more involve in my community unlike now.

I will rewrite more of Chapter 20 and try to publish more parts. I have been reading and will try to publish some book reviews too.

 One Death at a Time The Detroit crime fiction novel has Brice Frankel fighting corruption, crime and his nightmare.
Reader discretion advised.

Chapters 1-19 is post on Tablo-One Death at a Time

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