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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Fast Food Drive Thru 101 Improving Your Visit

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“May I take your order?” I said. No answer. The person is eating my clock. I’m already in for twenty seconds. “Would you like a combo?”
            “Wait a minute,” the man said.
            “Offer him the special. Get him off the order board,” the manager said.
            “Would you like the chicken sandwich special?” I said.
            “Yeah,” the man said.
            “Does this complete your order?”
            “No. What do you want, son?”
            “Hamburger,” son said.
            “Do you sell hamburgers?” the man asked.
            “No, we've a kid’s meal. It’s chicken fingers with fries and a drink,” I said.
            “Son, no hamburgers. What else do you want?” the man said.
            “Hamburger,” son replied.
            “A hamburger.” The man paused. “Forget the order.”

            This exchange has taken five minutes. It’s stressful because the child doesn't even want to be at the restaurant, and may’ve been avoided by following a few standards directions with restaurant drive-thrus.

Fast Food Drive Thru 101 is a great pamphlet to help individuals have an enjoyable visit at the drive thru. They will know what questions to ask and learn two important common questions that are asked at the order board. I give additional details about timers and recorded greetings.

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