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Monday, April 21, 2014

Four Fiends by Nikki Bennett Book Review

This book is adventurous story. It has four young adults (Pietro, Saburo, Jinjing, and Kate) traveling the world to rescue the Four Guardians (Tortoise, Green Dragon, White Tiger, and Vermillion Bird) who have been captured. Bennett has woven cultural histories, myths, and Greek mythology into a vivid turn the page story. She has written Pietro, Saburo, Jinjing, and Kate as realistic young people. I recommend the book for this reason. In my opinion, adults don't always see young people going through "adult problems". In Four Fiends, the reader follows the growth in character of Pietro who struggles with his mother's death by exaggerating stories. Saburo who suffers pains from a past traumatic accident that he uses to excuse himself from not trying harder. Jinjing who needs to combat her feelings of self-loathe and self-doubt about her looks and where she belongs. Kate who tries to adjust to her parents' divorce by having a rigidity and mean personality.
They make it through their journey by defeating the Four Fiends (Deviousness, Chaos, Ignorance, and Gluttony). The plot has a lot of turns and it's not predictable. A great read.
Recommend ages: 8+

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