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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Populaire The Movie

Populaire captured the style, attitude, and glamour of the 1950’s. The film represented how mankind was determined to build machines to make life easier for women and men. I cheered Rose on as she use two of her fingers speed typing. When Louis made the comment: Using ten fingers isn’t illegal. I burst into laughter and I fell in love with the picture. The scene reminded me of the days I typed with two fingers before the mandatory typing class I had to take in high school.

I sympathized with Rose when she decided to master the proper way to type to keep her job. The idea of painting her fingernails different colors to match up with the same color keys was a terrific idea. I wished our school had a colored code trainer typewriter. Back to the movie, the competitive attitude made the movie delightful. I was glad she defeated the machine. She was declared faster than the machine in the end. And Rose got her man.

There were two drawback scenes of the film. One was Louis playing with the knife in front of the kids. I screamed: Don’t do it. Those kids will try it. And the sex scene was too much. By then I knew Rose and Louis were hot for each other. It detracted from the comedy and the catch me if you can play between them.

The picture is still a winner.

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