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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Making Myself Active

I plan to type up Chapter Four and Five of my novel One Death At A Time. Each one is about 3,500 words long and I hate to type. So my plan is to type them and work on writing Chapter Six this week. And I will start on my last assignment for the Novel Course I am taking at Long Ridge Writers Group Program. So if I get frustrated with typing I'll work on one of the things I mention.

I wonder has anyone invented a scan machine to turn handwritten documents into typed documents.

I keep encouraging myself. I have printed out the numbers 1-20 for each chapter. When I finish writing and tying up a chapter, I hang the number on the wall under the words Chapters Completed. I need to reach the midpoint (Chapter 10).

Go Frelisa!

One Death At A Time has new blog site  WWSONE. This site will include research details, characters' interviews and much more.

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