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Monday, December 9, 2013

Duck On A Bike A Book Review

Duck On A Bike by David Shannon is a lovely and funny picture book with the message everyone should try something it may turn out to be fun. A duck  sees a bike park. He decides to try it out. At first, it is kind of  tricky for him to peddle and balance himself. But he gets the hang of it. Then the other animals see him having fun and want to ride too. They have their chance when a crowd of kids stop and park their bikes.

As for myself, I do new things in reason.Sometimes I see a skateboard leaning against the entrance to the library and I want to jump on it and cruise through the streets. I have I tell myself, don’t you can break a bone. Or when I see a bullet bike park, I stop myself again because I may break too many bones. Well let me end now before I build up enough courage to excite the kid in me try one.

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